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About Us

G - Story

«Gallumphing” was born one Friendship Day, during a conversation about how to leverage 15 years of business and commercial experience, as well as 15 years of experience in the field of human development education. We originated as an educational center, applying experiential learning, and today we have evolved into an innovative solutions startup for unlocking human potential.
We bridge companies with their users, offering an exploration of new methods for training, teaching, empowering, strengthening, and supporting team members through gamification and Serious Play methodologies. Simultaneously, we gather information about human behavior, utilizing it in each iteration, and applying the best insights from each learning experience into every product.»




Transformative Connections

What we do ?

We transform learning & professional development

Through the creation and execution of innovative and effective experiences. The company combines cutting-edge technologies with experiential learning methods to address challenges in areas such as training, organizational culture, talent development, and learning across various sectors. Gallumphing offers comprehensive and personalized solutions, helping its clients enhance their skills and competencies, improve their performance, and achieve significant outcomes in their professional and business growth. 

A Start up is born

Given our recent portfolio increment 
we transform our business model from a traditional educative center to a start up that uses technology to add the value companies need.

Constant Alliances

Founders background allowed us to be constantly 
improving our strategical alliances in order to offer new products,services and solutions hand on hand with world-class partners.


Rodrigo Arizaga

CEO - Co Founder

Tano Floridia

CEO - Co Founder

Blas Herrera

CTO - Experience Designer

Ingrid Alvarez

Head of Product Growth & Business Development

Flor Barzola

Social Media & PR Coordinator

Fabian Acevedo

Web Design



Experiential learning is in our DNA. We aim to employ its principles in designing every product and service, a choice that ensures the outcomes we promise. With over 15 years of training programs under our belt, we have developed a know-how in the application, facilitation, and effective selection of tools while crafting each experience and service. While we never cease to learn, given the inexhaustible universe of human learning, we have allowed ourselves to extrapolate insights gained and consistently validate the efficacy of our applied methodology.»

3D Conception & Design

Interaction Design

VR World User Testing

Siatrea VR Deploy

Let´s Connect we can build together!

We can build together

Gallumphing is growing fast, and we are always looking for passionate, dynamic, and talented individuals to join our development and sales team all around the world.
Our philisophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do you best work. Leave your resume and portfolio here.

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