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Liberating minds through experiential learning.Releasing human potential atall levels

We co-create the design of training programs & VR experiences with our methodology

Experts in Human Training and behavior measurements

Advise HR and educative programs to adopt best end- to – end solutions




At Gallumphing, we specialize in the training and development of human capital. Our core focus is on understanding, adapting to, creating, designing, and implementing specialized programs. Leveraging technology to our advantage, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to address the unique challenges organizations encounter. These solutions include in-person outdoor experiences, blended learning incorporating virtual reality, and traditional face-to-face training. Additionally, we provide a dedicated platform for the development of learning programs. Our VR games are meticulously crafted using our serious play methodology and experiential learning principles, complementing our indoor and outdoor programs.

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Outdoor experience in a natural environment. on the outskirts of Cordoba we offer two experiences designed to empower high performance teams.



Measure and develop human behavior with VR


Discover the benefits of a customized and tailored learning solution and centralize the content of your company .
Access a top library and distribute curated or original content.


Certification G+

Explore our strategic alliance with the UC San Diego Extended Studies, gain access to certified courses, apply to become an instructor, or acquire the corporate alliance.


Combined executive experience using experiential learning we design specialized training combining face-to-face sessions with our virtual reality games

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Virtual Tours

Elevate your connection with users and clients to the next level. Utilize virtual tours for various purposes, offering an immersive experience that showcases and enhances the details of a location

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We consider call ourselves the

«One Stop-Never Go» Solution.

Our services and products are oriented to accompany corporations in daily challenges.

Is your case not listed? Let’s develop it together!

How To work with

Gallumphing Meth - Way

#1 Understanding the Challenge

We understand the company’s needs to create the best strategy for the development and training program.

#3 Defining the blended approach

It could be VR Training, adaptive learning pathways or face to face learning experiences.

#5 Metrics

We provide access to our dashboard of metrics obtained from blended experiences, where they can observe the behavior and key metrics of the virtual session.

#2 Set up Goals

We align the goals of each human training program with the objectives of the company, department, or team in order to design the appropriate structure and provide individualized and personalized attention during the program.

#4 Follow up

We conduct follow-up sessions as needed, schedule 1x1s, and post-training assessments to continue providing support.

#6 Interative Process

We offer the service of co-creating experiences and assisting companies in designing and implementing learning programs and their iterations. We also make our team available to develop games entirely ad-hoc under our methodology.

Get access to best training pathway and learning portfolio

Certified by an American University and developed with best methodology to ensure professional growing

Learn about our strategic alliance with the University of San Diego, California, and stay up-to-date on the latest certified courses available for your company.

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