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Opportunities for instructing

Apply to be an instructor

Please complete the application below for Grant consideration! open requirements:

How are G-Instructors selected?

When assessing applications, the Grants team follows standard criteria using the questions below to guide our decision making.


All funded projects should be applicable to dYdX and its community. Grants must involve, build on top of, or benefit the protocol in some capacity.

  • Does the project relate to dYdX?
  • Are the goals applicable to dYdX and the community?


Ideas and discussions are great, but only realistic projects with tangible results will be funded.

  • Can the project really be accomplished?
  • Are the goals and results realistic?


Applicants must provide a clear execution plan for completing the project and reaching the goals.

  • Is there a clear plan for accomplishing the intended results?
  • Can the project meet milestones and report progress throughout the lifecycle?


While we do our best to support growth and learning, applicants must have some background or credentials to prove their capabilities.

  • Is the individual or team qualified to complete the project?


Projects must contribute something new to the protocol, not just repeat existing grants or previous work.

  • Is the project bringing something new to dYdX?


The team does its best to attract high quality contributors with competitive funding without overspending.

  • Is the funding amount within reasonable means?
  • Does it align with industry standards?
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